Cost Effective Expertise and Accountability
​​Working with Nonprofits to Ensure Success
FMG works with associations, foundations, universities, social service organizations, educational organizations and other nonprofits in different ways, depending on client need. FMG can provide a turnkey solution that is fully customized to the mission, values, and professional needs of each specific organization. Operating from our offices in Washington, DC under the client's directions, we are able to perform all the tasks necessary for a successful operation. We can also act as outsourced staff, providing full-time, part-time or interim expertise in various areas.

​FMG assists in aligning administration, programs, and grants management to create a mission-focused, result-oriented environment of stability and efficiency for nonprofit organizations.  FMG most often acts under an annual contract, or one customized to meet its clients specific needs.  Since 2004, FMG has raised over $75 million in grant funding from foundations and government entities for a variety of clients. Examples  of FMG work include management of a medical research foundation (FMG performs all administrative, program, and financial management); foundation/grants management (FMG manages the entire foundation, corporate, and government grant proposal processes from pre-award prospect research, proposal development, final submission, and post-grant administration for a variety of clients); management of a national research grants program; management of a quarterly magazine; and management of a business association.   

What We Do
  1. How FMG Can Bring Value to Your Nonproft
    The largest expenses of a nonprofit organization, after mission driven and program costs, are staff and overhead. FMG is a unique full-service management firm that offers nonprofit organizations a cost-effective alternative to expensive full-time grant writer employees. Under a yearly agreement, our senior level professionals step in to provide the specific hands-on solutions you need. FMG team members report to you, perform all tasks from research to drafting, submission, and post-grant reporting, as well as attend on-site meetings - all at a minimum of 25% less than the cost of an FTE. Plus, you save on overhead since your space and equipment costs are less. At FMG, we are not mere consultants. We become an integral part of your team and your goals and long-term success become ours.
  2. The FMG Model
    Operating as outsourced staff answering directly to the leadership of an organization, we can help cut expenses to the bone by performing day-to-day tasks in place of costly full-time employees. Our annual fee is significantly less than the cost of an FTE with benefits and we work out of our own office space. In addition, our level of experience and knowledge is vastly superior to the entry and mid-level employees we replace. In these competitive economic times, FMG provides cost-effective solutions that allow our clients to lower expenses and keep programs and services strong.
  3. The Highest Quality Senior Level Expertise
    Our team members have decades of experience earned in senior leadership positions at major nonprofit organizations, universities, social services organizations, educational organizations and other nonprofits. We are very familiar with all aspects of management. By allowing us to use our expertise in various areas of nonprofit management, grants management, strategic planning and other areas, you can focus on the mission of your organization and have the most impact.
  4. Cost-Effective Partnership
    Eighteen months to two years is the average length of time most employees now stay at a job. Each time an employee leaves, direct and indirect expenses are incurred by the organization, including the cost of advertising for a replacement, headhunting fees, human resource costs, loss of productivity [both from the departing employee and from those remaining who must pick up the slack], new hire training, and lost fundraising revenue -- all of which can add up to as much as 150% percent of a single employee's annual salary. We can provide a turnkey solution so your organization doesn't miss a beat and you don't burn out remaining employees.
  5. Continuity of Service
    To solve the critical loss caused by employee turnover, FMG developed an outsourced employment model. FMG steps in and acts as staff, providing the hands on solutions you need for all administrative, management, and development needs. Under a yearly agreement, our senior level professionals offer the highest level expertise plus the stability and predictability of a contractual relationship. With decades of experience in every aspect of nonprofit management and development, we do the day-to-day work, year-in and year-out, enabling our clients to reduce staff and overhead costs, and spend more time focusing on the core goals of their organization.
  6. Accountability
    FMG's mission is to position our clients - large or small, new or well established - so they can achieve their vision/mission and maximize the impact of their efforts in these unparalleled times. FMG is usually hired by the senior leadership of an organization, so we are responsive to the needs of the overall organization. We can take on a permanent role or fill in when necessary. We hope to earn your trust so you know you can rely on us to get the job done.
Satisfied Customers
  1. We needed to both keep up with our current grant applications and reports, but also to find new revenue sources. Since we couldn’t afford an FTE grant-writer, out-sourcing our grants department to FMG was the perfect solution. Six years later, we couldn’t be more pleased.

    A Non-profit Collaboration

  2. We are a foundation with a highly specialized mission. Finding FMG allowed us to "employ" a whole team of experts focused on our specific needs which resulted in over $150K in 3 months.

    A public charity

  3. With a three week deadline for a major federal application looming, we hired FMG to write and manage the entire process. They guided us through a maze of criteria to produce an on-time, organized, thorough, and winning proposal.

    Social Services Nonprofit